Lisa Barker is the Executive Director of LivWeal Foundation, with an aligned mission to activate hearts to live wealthy. Lisa brings more than 20 years of exploration, science and award winning artistry to her role of Executive Director. Since 2019, she has also fully immersed all aspects of herself in the work, vision, and practice of the LivWeal Institute.

Lisa is both an award winning global movement artist, teacher and adjudicator (Highland Dance), and a recognized chemical engineer and operations leader having worked with multinational companies such as BetzDearborn, Hercules and Kimberly-Clark. She is a celebrated community builder and life-long mentor and support to many people around the world.

In all of Lisa’s career accomplishments, it has been her commitment to integrating external data (science) with internal knowing (intuition), which has been the difference maker for both her and her students and colleagues. Her life has been an exploration of the value of high achievement, and the active deconstruction of the belief that external progress, opportunity and success defines inner wealth and self-worth. Her unique blend of experiences have given Lisa a deep understanding and insight into the importance of a person’s inner sense of value and how much they matter, and how much this relates to external achievement, success and personal contentment.

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