It’s Time
to Break

the Cycle

So many of us are caught in a negative cycle of misery and self-sabotage. It affects everything from our relationships to our finances. We become trapped in poverty — emotional poverty.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy or self-help books and programs or coaching, but you’re still trapped in a web of negativity and it feels like there’s no way out.

But it is possible to break free and access the wellspring of possibilities within yourself.

Our programs will help you do that. Each one built on up-to-date research, real-world experience, and ancient traditions.




Take Stock. Shed Your Burdens. Dissolve your Doubts. Spread Your Wings. Flourish.

Our celebrated Butterfly Ceremonies workshop series will help you tap into the inner source of abundance.

Personal Retreats & Ceremonies



When A Power Pause Expands Your Capacity

To accelerate growth — or even just keep going — you first need to slow down and refill. Guided rest, reflection, and recreation are like the fountain of youth for your brain — and all the other parts too. Abundance flows to where creativity grows.