LivWeal Foundation

Our Vision

We do this in three ways:

  1. Activating 101M Women Leaders Into Financial Self-Actualization
  2. Activating Economic Reconciliation Through an Engaged and Dedicated Community
  3. Activating Heart-Led Economic Leadership Globally

Our Goal

Our goal is ambitious but clear –
we have our eyes, ears, and plans in place
to reach 101 million women within the next two decades. Ultimately ensuring that we all have access to holistic wealth as a human right in the global consciousness.

Our Focus Areas

  • Learning Through Research
  • Sharing Through Content
  • Activating Through Education
  • Connecting Through Community
  • Restoring Through Conversation

Support Us

Ending emotional poverty is within our reach, within our power, and within ourselves. Support the LivWeal Foundation’s reach with a tax-deductible donation. Contact Lisa Barker