exists to end

emotional poverty

It is for those who are ready to see the impact of emotional poverty
in their own life and to make the change to living wealthy.

A Note from our Founder

I see you


I was you

I was an award-winning female entrepreneur profitably running a multi-million-dollar business…and it was killing me. For all my success, I was burdened with self-limiting doubt, stress, burnout, and an eating disorder leaving me on the verge of collapse. I needed a transformation.

After a LOT of thought, a LOT of work, a LOT of pain, and a LOT of love, I learned to see what was going on inside me in a new light and to channel it.

Now my soul is brimming and I am able to draw on the full power of my potential. Who I am and who I am meant to be have integrated. My life is characterized by an emotional fulfillment that, to my continued delight, spills over into rewarding new opportunities.

This is Living Wealthy.

I’d like to help you reach this state because it’s where you’re meant to be and it feels so good.

I invite you to join me and my team on a journey of healing your relationship with money and with yourself. Get to know us and explore our content with a budding sense of possibility.

Prosperity is open to you. Full stop.

When you think you’re ready, have courage and take a leap. The magic of YOU is what’s waiting for you. We will help you get there. ❤️🌿

The LivWeal Team

Our Team

Joining LivWeal means joining a community of people who are doing their own personal financial self-actualization work. We’re all at different phases of our journey, but some have been at this for quite some time, and they’ve accessed meaningful wisdom and true abundance along the way. We invite you to deeply connect with the real and wonderful people of LivWeal Institute. We are a community that CHERISH each other.