Your Wealthy Life Starts HereYour Wealthy Life Starts HereYour Wealthy Life Starts Here

Your Wealthy Life
Starts Here

Stop living the life you think you should.

Live the life you wish you would.

You’ve got this –
and we’ve got you!

Your Wealthy Life Starts Here

Get clear on where you are in your full spectrum of wealth.


Your Wealthy Life Starts Here

Is this your story?

Your Wealthy Life Starts Here
Your Wealthy Life Starts HereYour Wealthy Life Starts Here

Hi there…

Here at LivWeal we help impact-focused entrepreneurs and professionals (and their teams + loved ones) live their Wealthy Life by creating the most unique personal and professional experiential learning environments and opportunities you’ll ever encounter.

We help you with your business growth.

We help you with your money growth.

We definitely help you with your inner growth.

Your Wealthy Life Starts Here

Why you need this…

Your Wealthy Life Starts Here

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LivWeal - Dear Money

“Dear Money, Let’s Talk”™

A proven framework that guides you through a heart-to-heart conversation with money that grows self-trust, self-worth, and amplifies your value for powerful exchange with others.


LivWeal - My Wealthy Life Membership

My Wealthy Life Membership

A practice space for those on the journey of living their Wealthy Life.


Your Wealthy Life Starts Here


LivWeal Testimonial - Sholeh Shahinfar

Sholeh Shahinfar

Entrepreneur & Speech Therapist


LivWeal Testimonials - Kim Davey

Kim Davey

Entrepreneur & Real-Estate Investor


“Why” should you go through this process with Jennifer? To start…It shows up in your bank account. During this process I purchased my dream home, bought another vacation home, brought on a business partner, signed a $multi-7-figure contract and that’s all really just the cherry on top. My entire life has transformed for the better.

Literally everything has changed – how I feel, how I think, and my body. Jennifer offers compassionate but tough coaching that brings out your truth.

That’s the thing that will set you free to reach your potential. It’s why I’ve enrolled my sister and my business partner to do this work too.”

LivWeal Testimonials - Tyler Lowe
Tyler LoweCo-Founder & CEOReturn On Ideas, USA
LivWeal Testimonials - Lourdes Paredes
Lourdes ParedesEntrepreneur & YogaTeacher, USA

“I wanted to start the day thanking you for your love and guidance. I hope you don’t mind that I gush all over you from time to time. But I seriously am so grateful for being a part of this community you have created with your intention. Thank you for seeing me, really seeing me, and reflecting that back with gentle force. Thank you for shifting how I am seeing a ‘problem’ and living into a new way of being. It’s so not easy and yet so so essential for me and I believe, for everyone.

Your way of leadership is healing for me.

Your Wealthy Life Starts Here

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