The Butterfly Ceremony Series

In ancient Greek and many civilizations, the word for butterfly is “psyche” meaning “soul”. The butterfly’s metamorphosis process from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to winged creature is recognized as a process of dying to oneself and then re-birthing and emerging in a new form.


To support the evolving leader within you, this three-part consecutive group workshop series guides you through a deeply transformational process of Living Wealthy from the inside out. Living Wealthy is a decision, a discipline, and a daily devotional practice of manifestation.


Jennifer Love offers you a safe space to ultimately clear out the muck and guck and then spread your wings and emerge. It’s time to fly beyond all the burn out, all those upper limits, and into the life you’ve dreamed of.




In-Person Retreats

In social science it is known that the ‘power pause’ is the golden ticket to innovation, imagination, efficiency, and balance. To speed up (or even just to keep going), you first need to slow down and fill up. Why? Rest, reflection, and recreation are like the fountain of youth for your brain.


These heart-centered retreats, hosted several times a year, are focused on a specific theme, as Jennifer Love leads small intimate groups through private adventures to nourish themselves all while experiencing a magical, beautiful, and enchanting place in the world.


When focus and creativity seem difficult to access, taking a power pause to rest and play may ultimately be your best strategy for success, self-preservation, and speed. It’s time to stop pushing yourself to do more by first becoming more.




(Coming Soon!)

In psychology and ancient practices the power of ritual is used to bring comfort, behavioral modification, and desired outcomes. Symbolic expression done together in community strengthens the individual (as well as the whole).


The larger Living Wealthy Community gathers with ritual and intention to share a common language, structure, and support in our ongoing journey of Living Wealthy. With three seasons of focus – Intimacy, Satisfaction, and Peace – and two Integration periods, we are a community growing wealthy and embodied together.


We were not designed to thrive in isolation. Find refuge in our community as you discover and open to conversation that supports your ability to live wealthy and flourish. We’ve got you!

Private Therapeutic


Private Therapeutic Sanctuary

In philosophy self-examination is said to be the pursuit of wisdom and integrity. Your journey to understand yourself as a meaningful complex web of systems is like exploring nature herself. Inside is a universe waiting to be discovered.


The Therapeutic Sanctuary is a privately guided series of deep dive sessions (in person or virtually) unpacking and excavating the psycho-emotional poverty that holds you back from being truly wealthy in all forms. Jennifer or one of her Master Coaches will provide compassionate yet strong support throughout.


The truth is, no amount of money in the bank can or will make you feel truly safe, alive, or free. Your ability to redefine and evolve yourself grants you freedom, sovereignty, and joy – all of which are possible when you take the journey within.


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