Watch 20 02 2023 by LivWeal

Your Money Therapist with Jennifer Love

Watch Jennifer Love as she joins Leo Kanell of the 7 Figures Club Podcast.

Episode description:

Jennifer opens up with us today about childhood traumas and how she arrived at a very unhealthy, unhappy place in her life.  She talks about operating from a place of fear and anger with money and spending based on emotions.  She counsels us to see where we’re showing up as a victim or a hero and elaborates on the different money personalities.  She even tells us to put money in its proper place and not turn it into things that it isn’t – such as happiness.

Jennifer tells us also of the importance of celebrating our wins and the true definition of being wealthy.  She opens up about a devastating spinal cord injury and willing herself to heal.  She talks about reframing pain as opportunities and how living wealthy is a daily habit of manifestation.  She expands on some principles of meditation and gives a lot of additional value found at: