Butterfly Ceremonies

It’s Time You Felt As Good As You Are. Get ready to LivWealthy!
Experience the wealth of freedom you were born to have through the BUTTERFLY CEREMONIES™ series.

In ancient Greek, the word for butterfly is “psyche” meaning “soul.” The butterfly’s metamorphosis process from caterpillar to chrysalis to winged creature is recognized as a process of shedding oneself and then emerging in a new form.

To support the evolving leader within you, this three-part consecutive group workshop series guides you through a deeply transformational and nourishing process. The series can be completed in one year, or you can space it out longer. You are offered a safe space to ultimately shed the muck and guck that’s been holding you down, then spread your wings and emerge — allowing for your full manifestation.

It’s time to fly beyond all the burnout, all those upper limits, and into the life you’ve dreamed of. It’s time to reclaim your freedom, your power, and your worthiness.

If you have…

  • Hired the therapists, the personal mentors, the business coaches (and some of it’s working but you feel like there’s something more);
  • Been looking to align your investments with your values — so making money becomes much more exciting and easeful;
  • Put in long hours to make things happen, and you are burned out;
  • Sacrificed your time, money, sleep, body, AND sanity — all in the name of what, exactly?

If you want…

  • To feel free and at peace and enjoy life rather than be controlled by it;
  • To rest and be deeply nourished and have space to breathe; To grow your bank account – BIG TIME!
  • To become self-sufficient with a whole-hearted, whole-person, whole-planet approach;
  • To answer the inner whisper calling you to step into something more true, more aligned, more real, more YOU;
  • To align your investments with your values — so making money is regenerative instead of soul-crushing;
  • To expand your capacity to be generous — and become more connected with yourself, nature, and others;
  • To experience greater self-confidence;
  • To develop habits that change your life and your ability to manifest forever;
  • To learn how to exercise clear YES’s and NO’s to create an environment for you to be more open and available in ALL your relationships because you have healthy discernment and boundaries…
Then you are ready for the
Butterfly Ceremonies™

Embark on the most profound process of self-examination you have ever taken!

This is a high-touch, high-humor, high-five journey. Through the rigorous methodology of the three-part Butterfly Ceremonies™ series process that has been carefully and systematically honed to help you start from wherever you are, you will unlock how to:
  • Clarify and shift unwholesome burnout, energy leaks, blind spots, traumas, stories, and patterns to one of grace, peace, and empowerment;
  • Understand your needs and regulate your emotions to create healthy money patterns, relationships, and physical health;
  • Take deep ownership and clean up ‘your side of the street’ so you access yourself, your truth, and the magnificence of emotional freedom;
  • Learn practices of self-empathy, radical forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-acknowledgment, deep receiving, radical reciprocity, and healthy boundaries, all in the name of making yourself matter;
  • Repair and cultivate a deep well of courage, self-trust, and confidence, so you can easefully rewire your life, business, finances, and happiness;
  • Healthfully attach to the true desires of your heart (not the money-grubbing, materialistic, unsatisfying, commercialized version of what you’ve grown up believing is what will make you happy);
  • Develop a prosperous wealth action plan and receive accountability in actioning it with a powerful and motivating vision of clear intentionality;
  • Work with nature’s cycles to support your attunement to healthy financial decision-making
  • Use the power of feng-shui to clear clutter, optimize your environment, eliminate distractions and create a clear vision;
  • Experience deep intimacy with yourself and in your relationships, magnetizing opportunities and people to you beyond what you previously thought possible.

The stages


Level one

Emotional poverty is simultaneously the issue of our time and something almost entirely unknown to the authorities and institutions of the world. Its costs run in the billions, and its consequences are dire. And too often, it is dismissed as being a pseudoscientific derivative of pop-psychology or new-age mysticism. The truth is that emotional poverty is a real and scientifically-validated issue, and the institutions that are first to recognize this will play an instrumental role in shaping the course of the 21st century and beyond.

We elaborate and illustrate the scientific basis of emotional poverty through a variety of research projects.


Level two

In this stage, it’s essential for you to put down the weight of pain, judgment, and suffering to activate the magic and power of your growth. You will be guided through a method of emptying yourself out to make way for emotional and financial freedom.

This three-month experience acts as a beacon cultivating a deep well of courage inside you. Through the step-by-step method, you will be guided through a process that dissolves doubt and evokes self-trust, confidence, and clarity. This stage is completed through a transformational clearing ceremony shifting your unwholesome traumas, stories, and patterns to one of grace and empowerment — all in preparation for you to take flight to great heights as a Butterfly: Level 3.


Level three

In this level, now that you’re lighter having emptied yourself out, will you allow ‘the new you’ to expand and fully receive?

Emerging from a cocoon often comes with some discomfort as you learn to allow all that’s required to strengthen and flap your wings to emotional and financial freedom. You will go through a discovery process as you emerge.

Living Wealthy is a decision, a discipline, and a devotional daily practice. Through a systematic coaching process, you will be supported through what’s required to act on a powerful and motivating vision of clear intentionality. You will finish this four-month journey with a ceremony of celebration as you take flight to great heights.

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